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So many nutrition "experts" out there it's sometimes hard what to believe or who to listen too. However, if you do your homework you'll soon realise these guys are the real deal, great guests, great topics, debunking myths and "broscience" and giving you solid info on nutrition. There's no other podcast like it! Thanks guys :)


No fluff, no advertising, evidence based every episode, no BS, really solid guests and great nutrition/exercise science information every time. By far the best podcast on this topic there is. Thanks guys!

Awesome Podcast

My new #1 podcast. Super informative yet easy to listen to. If you want the no-nonsense truth about nutrition / sports nutrition, this is the podcast to listen to

Listen and Learn

This podcast has a knowledgeable host, interesting guests, and practical information. Every episode has 2-3 nuggets of knowledge that I implement in my training and nutrition program.


Been listening to these podcasts with a huge amount of interest. Laurents capacity to deliver tough subjects in a easy to understand manner will have you coming back time and time again. We all know that there is mass misinformation out there when it comes to nutrition and the information provided is honest, true and backed up with science. Podcast 3 on metabolic flexibility is my favourite so far. I’ve listened to it 4 times already!!

Unreservedly Recommended

Excellent guests, science-based, balanced, and no horrible cheesy intro music or bumpers (please keep that stuff out!). In short, exactly what people seeking sensible training and nutrition information need in a podcast.

we do science

great podcasts, easy to digest, delivered by experts in their fields of knowledge, keep them coming please,

Podcast Review

Phenomenal podcast! Highly recommend this to anyone thats looking for the latest cutting edge research and applicability. Great job guys, keep the podcasts coming!

The experts


We Do Science Review

Punchy, to the point and delivered by experts in the field! Great stuff guys, keep them coming!

Great info on nutrition for athletes!

Straight to the point this is a no nonsense podcast that answers those hotly debated topics which are most important to athletes (recreational and professional). Great stuff!!


Great stuff from expert researchers and practitioners! Keep them coming!

We Do Science! Review

As an Italian who loves tennis and pasta, I am very happy to hear that I don’t have to avoid carbohydrates to improve my training. Good to hear medical and scientific explanations from the experts. Thanks for the info.