Dec. 5, 2019

#124 - "Nutrition and Athlete Immune Health" with Prof Neil Walsh PhD

#124 -

Episode 124 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition's "We Do Science" podcast! In this episode, I (Laurent Bannock) discuss "Nutrition and Athlete Immune Health" with Professor Neil Walsh (School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Liverpool John Moores University, UK).

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Defining Athletes, Immunity and Health
  • Overview of Contemporary View on Immunity
  • Infection Risks, Lowered Immunity, and Consequences
  • Resistance and Tolerance: 
  • How Nutrition Influences Immunity and Infection
  • Energy Deficiency & Infection: The Debate Continues
  • New Theoretical Perspective on Nutrition and Athlete Immune Health
  • Tolerogenic Nutritional Supplements

Key Papers Discussed / Referred to:

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