May 13, 2020

#140 - "Rugby League: Nutritional and Energetic Considerations" with James Morehen PhD

#140 -
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Episode 140 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition's "We Do Science" podcast! In this episode, I (Laurent Bannock) discuss "Rugby League: Nutritional and Energetic Considerations" with Dr James Morehen PhD (Liverpool John Moores University, UK).

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Overview of Rugby League
  • Growing, building and repairing elite rugby players: the performance nutritionists perspective
  • Physical demands of a Rugby League player
  • Body composition and function in Rugby
  • Energy expenditure: from lab to pitch
  • Muscle soreness and inflammation: exploring the causes and the solutions
  • Nutrition considerations for rugby league: science to practice

Key Paper(s) Discussed / Referred to:

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