June 11, 2014

Episode 2 - Q&A with Scott Robinson MSc CISSN

Episode 2 - Q&A with Scott Robinson MSc CISSN
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Episode 2 of the Guru Performance 'We Do Science' podcast! In this episode I (Laurent Bannock) discuss a number of important current topics in sports and exercise nutrition with Scott Robinson, my colleague at Guru Performance and University of Birmingham Doctoral researcher. In this session we get into:

  • Meal Frequency - Does eating (for example) 2 vs. 6 meals per day influence body composition?
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) vs. LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) vs. resistance training for fat burning - is one superior to the other?
  • Is too much protein a problem or even dangerous?
  • How important is understanding the fundamental concepts of exercise biochemistry?
  • What is the best piece of advice you can give someone looking to become a performance nutritionist?

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